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The boot was a tight fit even though I was a lanky fellow. It smelled of oil and petrol, and the constant clinking of the car tools became white noise after some time. The metal had a taste too, a bland and cold one. The person driving, Robbie, wasn’t particularly…

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If you haven’t read Part I:

Dananai’s homestead was to the east of the hill, separated from it by the largest branch of Chitupo river and an expansive plain. The river almost cut into the hill as it flowed south. South-east of the hill, just after the river was the…

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Tanaka loved Dananai but their parents were constantly at loggerheads. One distasted the other, spat at the mention of the other’s name. They incorporated each other’s surnames into their cursing vocabulary.

So, as any love story, a plan was devised, a use of tradition to their advantage, and so the…


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Back in the sea, Randal rose above the wave, riding a large black sea-horse. A purple saddle sat on its sloped back. Its tail was long, like a snake’s, and patterned as a python. It rode the wave, submerging…

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If you missed Part 1:

The edge of the door hit her knee and she fell forward. A white tentacle swirled through the doorway. Jekren raised her hand and a red smoke rose from it. Flames flickered then they grew brighter. She made a fist and punched the tentacle. The…

There was a lady who lived by the sea. Her skin was flaky and she blamed the sea salt for it. But she didn’t complain, she would go about each day as always.

A cup of tea in the morning, leftover fish and, some seaweed. She then took her two-hour…

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Mr. Donovan remembered his father’s words and how they rang true. ‘A woman will be the ruin of you.’ He looked forward and the room swayed. He rubbed his eyes and tried standing. His legs were wobbly and his vision as hazy as a fog. He sat and thought once…

Blessing Njodzi

Charles Dickens. John Grisham. Chinua Achebe. Aiming for the top.

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