Boys and Girls we were.

Chase money in a dangerous fashion,

If you don’t, please make it your passion,

Because girls don’t like boys with lame fashion,

Even if you love your work with Einstein’s passion.

Boys love your body, if not, you are their buddy,

Girls love your pound, they search for it like a hound,

So my dawgs in the pound, please don’t be found,

If you are, you’re bound, as they go round and round,

And you end up wound, with them on top of the mound.

She loves me, not,

She loves me, tie the knot,

She left me in the end, all alone like a dot .

She loves me, yes, though she left me in a mess,

Under the care of a ness, oh, I mean nurse,

Who had a curse, and ended up stealing my purse,

Only to find herself inside of a hearse,

A grave in the water and she became the Loch Ness,

A curse upon a curse, and how lovely she ends up inside of this verse.

She loves me now that I have money,

I am a money cow, dripping like honey,

So I made a vow never to take back Bunny,

Yes, that is her name, Bunny,

So I took a bow, then a bow,

I wore the tie and then shot the arrow through her bone marrow,

Then she shouted, “Wow, what are you doing honey?”

“Boom boom pow, drive away, here is a Nissan Sunny,”

He loves me, yes, because I have a beautiful face,

What do you want, sex?! Let’s slow down the pace,

How about for a start you love my heart,

And always avoid to touch my butt,

Because if you do, you will be the butt of my joke,

Because if you do I will butt your butt,

Or put out my butt on your butt,

Or hit you, with the butt of my rifle, on your butt.

Don’t make fake promises, just to love me,

I take it seriously even when you tease me,

So hold me, don’t let go. I will be your girl, and you my boy.



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