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The feelings in my heart can someone allievate?

Surely I tried thinking them away but they could not deviate,

The Asian man would tell me to meditate,

The Caucasian would say visit a doctor and conversate,

The Indian would say wait for time to heal and soon they will be late,

The Brit would say just have a drink, mate.

So what shall I do and whom shall I follow?

For in me I feel such a hollow

Shall I have an affair and no longer let it be a mono-

gamy, and say bye honey

Or shall I fight for it as did in Vikings, the man Rollo

Now I am fully sullen,

And shall I be more depressed than my woman who is barren,

Or more than a man who just lost a friend in Harlem?

Kiss me and tell me everything will be okay, Karen,

Please hush me, don’t let my blood gush so loudly

For as my heart bleeds, the devil feeds

So please save me from my pity, this undying perpetuity

I plead, I plead, I plead.



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Blessing Njodzi

Blessing Njodzi

Charles Dickens. John Grisham. Chinua Achebe. Aiming for the top.